I am a technology-centric business leader. Have brought inventions, innovations, to market worldwide. Consequently I really have a passion in building businesses. I enjoy the challenge of achieving goals. Over the years I have accumulated a wide personal network at high levels.

I love to start up businesses from the ground up. I can also be a valuable executive and leader in a turn around situation.

Presently I am also involved in Bioenergy, a Payment processing, Remittance, Mobile Payment and International Settlement project. A year ago I was a team member in putting together a Co-production of a full feature 3D Animation project between China and Canada; and a Co-production project for five movies between China-Canada-USA.

I am extremely motivated by projects that make an impact on changing the environment, changing the standard of living, and making the world a better place.

BEAMM – is a Mobile eCommerce enabler for small and medium size merchants. The technologies permit mobile users to use geo-location and web-based technologies to locate merchants’ establishments, browse products, buy and pay for them remotely. The merchants can receive the orders, manage them, and analyze them.

As their Asian Rep, I enabled Beamm to collaborate and partner with the world’s biggest card issuer, China Union Pay through one of its associate companies in Hong Kong (Global Link Payment Network).

GLOBAL LINK PAYMENT – is a UnionPay and EasyLink associate, direct line from Guangzhou Union Pay. I am their Advisor, and my role is to assist them in business solutions and partnerships; and technology advancements.

LAO-CANADA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – My role as a partner is to attract technology investors to Laos. We have direct connections with the high level decision makers of the country.

NODES (The Distance Education Network for Sri Lanka) – in 2006 I was the International Team Leader that established NODES, a secure, fail-safe network for the implementation of distance education for the Ministry of Higher Education in this lovely country.

“Great Stan! This is the first time I saw a real NDEN leadership. Appreciate very much.” Lalith Liyanage, Project Manager (Lalith is now the CIO for the Ministry of Defence)

“We have seen several foreign consultants coming and going in the two ADB projects that we are dealing with. But you are one of them who has left a remarkable image in Sri Lanka. Everyone appreciates your honest, capable and professional work. It is not an exaggeration in any means. That is the honest belief of everyone of us. We are proud of you, as you still belong to the Asia Pacific region. This means a lot.” Dr. Hemamali Palihakkara